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Latest update: February 2018

Blackwater Creek Overview...

Upper, Lower... 2 Paddling Gems

Blackwater Creek flows from Lake Norris in Lake County for about 20 miles to the Wekiva River. As part of the "Wekiva River System" (Wekiva River, Rock Springs Run, Blackwater Creek), it was designated a Wild and Scenic River System by Congress in 2000. Just downstream from the launch near Lake Norris, the Creek becomes impassable for many miles. Depending on water levels, it becomes passable again about 3-4 miles above the State Forest launch. Therefore, we break the Creek into two paddling reports; (1) at Lake Norris Conservation Area and (2) from the launch in the Seminole State Forest (see map). Both trips are unique in their own way. Both are pristine and scenic.

Blackwater Creek, Lake Norris, Seminole State Forest

Distances Vary: (1) 3/4 mile on Blackwater Creek to Lake Norris, then miles of dwarf cypress shoreline. (2) Upstream, downstream from Seminole State Forest launch varies per water level and downfall.
Location: Lake County
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Tidal: No
Launch points: Lake Norris Conservation Area, Seminole State Forest along Wekiva River Rd. (See map)
Nearby points of interest: Seminole State Forest, Mt. Dora, Deland



Blackwater Creek Paddling Reports

Note: As of February, 2018, the Creek below the Seminole State Forest launch is blocked by heavy downfall, so kayaking tours in this section have been suspended. The outfitter continues to offer tours on the Lake Norris section, along with several other Central Florida paddling tours.

Lake Norris Conservation Area

Off Lake Norris Road in the Lake Norris Conservation Area, Paisley FL

Blackwater Creek, Lake Norris

Seminole State Forest

Along Wekiva River Road in Seminole State Forest

Blackwater Creek, Seminole State Forest

A word of caution... State Forest officials recommend that people not paddle alone in remote areas such as the Blackwater Creek area of the Seminole State Forest. Based on experience, we agree.


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