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Paddling in the Florida Keys

Our 4 Top (Best Sheltered) Destinations... Maps, Photos, Reports

The Florida Keys stretch for over 90 miles of mostly open water, subject to relentless wind and tide. Paddling for long distances here is for properly equipped sea kayakers only. For visitors, this is typically done in groups with an experienced guide. For less adventurous recreational paddling, here we focus on locations that offer some shelter from the wind. These are good places to relax, paddle, and explore some relatively calm nooks and crannies uniquely "Keys."

Regional Map, FL Keys
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Upper Keys...

Pennekamp State Park John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park... 2.5 mile mangrove-lined designated trail, with additional side creeks to explore. Rentals on-site (view details...)

Middle Keys...

Long Key State Park Long Key State Park... 1.5 mile paddling trail within a shallow lagoon dotted with mangrove islands. Additional paddling to Long Key Bight. Rentals on-site. (view details...)

Lower Keys...

Bahia Honda State Park Bahia Honda State Park... Kayak Ocean and/or Gulf side. Historic old Bahia Honda Bridge sets the scene. Some of the best views in Keys. Rentals on-site (view details...)

Sugarloaf Key, Florida Sugarloaf Key... Launch at private marina in small cove. Paddle to mangrove islands with channels and tunnels. Near Key West. Rentals on-site (view details...)

In addition to the sheltered paddling destinations reported on here, there are a number of outfitters and guides throughout the Keys who lead popular group kayaking tours.

By kayak, canoe, or board, details on the Best Recreational Paddling in Florida...


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