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About Us...

This website is produced by "Mudfish" and "Bobcat," Florida residents and avid recreational kayakers. With our trusty sit-on-top Ocean Kayaks, "Green Bean" and "Blue Fish," we enjoy our favorite as well as new destinations for casual, recreational Florida paddling.

  • We do not conduct tours or sell/rent equipment, our site is for information and advocacy only.
  • Contact us with your questions, comments, or corrections.
  • If you an outfitter and/or rent kayaks/canoes and would like to be considered for a no-cost listing, send us a message.

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Our 100% Privacy Policy...

Browse here with peace of mind, as our privacy policy is among the toughest anywhere.

It's simple - we do not collect, sell or rent information to anyone.

As is common on the Internet today, our web hosting company automatically keeps track of visitors' browser versions, referral sites, and statistics on page visits. However, we do not elect any added service which collects any type of personal information, such as e-mail addresses.

NO SPYWARE HERE GUARANTEED. We are dedicated to making your dealings with us as private, easy, and secure as possible.

For the convenience of our website visitors, we provide links to other, non-affiliated websites. When following these links, please see the privacy policy of those websites.


All information is thought to be accurate, but not warranted. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the website authors. Weather, nature and development can create changes - these reports are based on observations at the time visited. Be sure to use proper safety precautions when paddling.

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